McDougal's Chicken Fingers & Wings

    $$ Alitas de pollo
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    2115 Belcourt Ave

    Nashville, TN 37212

    Estados Unidos

    Hillsboro West End


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    • Foto de Jed R.
      Jed R.
      Washington, DC, Estados Unidos
      2 oct 2022

      :(((((( A historic piece of my nashville livelihood has been burned. Here's a photo on the Friday before it happened. This is my candidate for best chicken tenders and best sauce. Then my nomination for a winning tender/sauce/fry combo because everyone knows that's fries can make or break a meal.

      An absolute staple so go to the one on 12th south to sate the appetite.

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    • Foto de Rylie L.
      Rylie L.
      Tampa Bay, Estados Unidos
      15 ago 2022

      Chicken sandwich-
      We would always pass this place and never thought anything of it until we tried it. The chicken is absolutely amazing. You can go wrong with anything on the menu. We always leave feeling full and happy. This is the chicken sandwich and it's a lot bigger than it looks! The fries are amazing and there are so many sauces to choose from. They do happy hour on tuesdays also! 2-4-1 beers and they have an amazing cider selection!

      The people working are always super nice and helpful! The patio is also a great place to hangout and eat/have drinks on a summer night. Inside is usually pretty busy but they have a huge patio!

      Chicken sandwich
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    • Foto de Nikhil R.
      Nikhil R.
      Nueva York, Estados Unidos
      30 jun 2022

      It has been four years since I have come back to the spot, however it is just as fantastic as I remember. The crispy fried chicken is absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection, and the sauces you can either toss them in or have on the side or excellent. Definitely go with the honeybee sauce as it has a good amount of sweet and kick to it. And don't pass up on the side of McDougal's sauce. That is such a staple sauce similar to Raising Cane's sauce.

      While the inside does have a lot of nostalgia, I do think it has become too cluttered with the dollar bills and license plates plastered all over the walls.

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    • Foto de Nicole T.
      Nicole T.
      Fort Worth, Estados Unidos
      22 abr 2021

      I've been wanting to try this place for awhile now, and a recent Sunday afternoon presented itself with the perfect opportunity.

      I was out and wanted something quick to pick up but not fast food. McDougal's came to mind and after looking at their website it said I could call in my order. I asked the girl on the phone how long it took for the food to cook and she said only 10 minutes. That was music to my ears!

      When I got there a few minutes later, my food was ready to go. I ordered the plain tenders with the honeybee sauce on the side. The chicken tasted okay, but next time I'm definitely going to get the sauce on the tenders. I'm sure it would've tasted a lot better.

      If you're looking for some good and fast chicken, this is your place.

      Small chicken basket with honeybee sauce
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    • Foto de April P.
      April P.
      Nashville, Estados Unidos
      24 feb 2022

      My love of McDougal chicken tenders is unreal. It's been a while since I have been to this location, and it was the perfect evening to be outside. The tenders are always crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The fries are lightly salted. It's the perfect combination. My favorite sauce is the honey bee! A little spicy with some sweet can't beat that. The staff is always super friendly and be attentive. My only complaint is that they stopped serving the ice cream even though the sign is still on the door that said free ice cream. I just want to note that the prices have gone up so if you a regular like me don't be surprised to see the increase. Either way, their chicken tendies are so good and so worth it!

      Outdoor patio
      Chicken wings and tenders
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    • Foto de Amir L.
      Amir L.
      Kent, Estados Unidos
      27 jul 2022

      Oh, my Lordy lord

      My parents have been divorced for years. This hot piece of chicken has brought us back together

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    • Foto de Ray R.
      Ray R.
      Nashville, Estados Unidos
      29 feb 2020

      Was looking for wings and decided to stop in here. The place looked cool with a hodgepodge of stuff hanging on walls and ceiling. So why not right?
      Well I love wings so my first thing I want to know is how the blue cheese taste. Usually if you got good blue cheese dip you have good wings. Well once again I was right, the blue cheese dip was amazing and ranks in the top 10 along with there wings. Was glad we stopped, even the ranch was good and I'm not a ranch fan on average.
      The prices were decent especially feeding a family of four it's nice to find a good value from time to time.
      I have marked this place in my top 10 wing joints in the area. It's small and compact but worth stopping.
      My review would of been a five but It did seem to take a while to get the food out. But it was worth the wait for the wings and fries.

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    • Foto de Chay W.
      Chay W.
      Nashville, Estados Unidos
      17 abr 2021

      McDougal's is a decent chicken spot in Nashville. Is it the but it's it good... yes! The atmosphere is fun and youthful! The wait for the food is a little lengthy for a basic tenders and wings spot (about 20+ minutes). The staff brings your food to your table and for the price you would expect just a little bit more food. The food itself is good but if you get fried then it could go for a little bit more seasoning. Over all definitely a place to check out but with Nashville being chicken capital there's definitely other places to try first. The staff is great and for that alone is worth a star!

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    • Foto de Carolyn E.
      Carolyn E.
      Cincinnati, Estados Unidos
      21 ago 2021

      Excellent chicken tenders, the sauce options are delicious. I went with HoneyBee, my friend got Gold, both are exceptional flavor, could have had more heat to then. The atmosphere is great, very much so a hole in the wall place. The tenders cave out fresh from the fryer, they were so hot we had to wait a moment before eating them. Highly recommend!

      Small basket(3 tenders), fried, tossed in HoneyBee sauce
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    • Foto de Cathy L.
      Cathy L.
      Spring Hill, Estados Unidos
      14 ago 2022

      McDougals has always been a favorite of ours. We drive a long way to have lunch or dinner there. Today was such a disappointment. Part of our chicken strips were mostly breading with no meat but the worst part was the portion of their amazing fries. It seems like they cut the portion size in half. My meal was $21. There should've been a lot more fries!! They also have removed the ice cream machine. Unfortunately we won't be making the drive again if this is the new norm. Makes me wonder if they have new management/ownership.
      The rebuild of the deck and patio area is really nice.

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